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     How to Use  
  Register Yourself :  
  •  Log in with the User Name and Password sent to you.  
  •  You will go to Registration page.  
  •  On registration page you have to entre your name, email and mobile no.  
  •  The User Name and Password send to you is for one time only. You have to set a new user name and password on this registration page. Remember this User Name and Password. Do not share your User Name and Password to anybody.  
  •  Then click on ‘Submit’.  
  Start the Course :  
  •  When you login with your User Name and Password, you will be directed to Welcome to E-Learning page.  
  •  You will find your course title below the heading Your Courses.  
  •  Click on the Course Title and start your course.  
  •  When you entre the course material, you will see the index, that is titles of the chapters. When you click on the chapters, you will see various topics covered in that chapter.  
  •  You can select any chapter or any topic which you want to learn.  
  •  Using Back and Next tabs, you can move to the previous or next topic of the chapter.  
  •  By using slider and other controls, you can start, stop, pause or move the slide forward. There is also sound control and full screen facility provided.  
  •  After you finish your session, press Log Out and you will get history of your usage. If you press on Log Out on this page, you will be directed to the main page from where you have started.  
  •  In case of power failure or loss of internet connectivity, the user will get automatically logged out after 20 minutes. This facility will help the user to save the course duration.  
  •  To start the new session, again start from this page http://cvr.ashwasoftware.com/ and entre your User Name and Password. You will find your course title below the heading Your Courses. Click on the Course Title and start your new session.  
     Terms and Conditions  
  Legal Warning :  
  •  This is a digital content platform.You must not make, create, store, record or transmit any kind of sound recording, visual footage (recording), or store, record or transmit any information or other data from this platform. It will be considered as an offense of copying and transmitting the data by all the said means and legal action will be taken if such an event occurs.  
  Disclaimer :  
  •  The material on this platform can be accessed only if there is proper internet connectivity. You may face interruptions during the course due to internet connectivity issues. The organizers of this course are not responsible for internet connectivity issues.  
  •  The course will run on only one device at a time. If you want to run it on another device then you have to log out from the first device.  
  •  Charges / Fees once paid are non-refundable.